Sample Letter of Support for SB 732

[Your name/organization] encourage you to support SB 732 (Allen), a bill that can create the opportunity of a lifetime for Southern California!

SB 732 will authorize a sales-tax ballot measure to be placed before voters in the 4-county South Coast Air Quality Management District by either the SCAQMD or a voter initiative to raise the funds needed to finally ensure clean, healthy air in Southern California and dramatically reduce greenhouse gas emissions!

SB 732 can enable Southern California to:

  • ACCELERATE development and deployment of zero and near-zero emission vehicles and equipment. And not just cars and SUVs, but also medium and heavy-duty trucks, locomotives, construction and port equipment, trains, boats, ships and airplanes—in short everything that moves—as well as charging and fueling infrastructure on a scale not yet seen anywhere.

  • CREATE funding for major investments in zero-emission high-velocity commuter rail that can provide traffic-busting express transit service throughout all of Southern California—in five counties—and connect to airports such as Ontario Airport!

  • PROVIDE funding for local transit, walking and biking projects as called for in transportation plans approved by county transportation commissions.

CALIFORNIA LEADS THE WORLD IN THE FIGHT AGAINST CLIMATE CHANGE! If SB 732 is approved Southern California can double-down on Sacramento’s exceptional leadership by funding these major new incentives.

OMG! Can a ballot measure really do all this? You bet!

Please support SB 732 (Allen).  Thank you.

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