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Voting has begun on the LA2050 2015 GRANTS CHALLENGE. VOTE for MOVE LA’S “ANY LINE ANY TIME” student transit pass proposal we could win $100 THOUSAND DOLLARS to mobilize LA County college students to win UNIVERSAL STUDENT TRANSIT PASSES. Here's the LINK. Scroll down the page and click on the "LEARN" category, then scroll down 78 proposals to find our's, VOTE FOR US, and then share on social media and encourage your friends to vote!

STP3_large.jpgPLEASE VOTE! If you want to know more you can watch our very short video of LA Trade Tech students (at the link above) explaining what student transit passes would mean for them (and all of us!) and read our proposal to the Goldhirsh Foundation (same location)!

You can vote for one proposal in each of 5 categories (that’s 5 votes total*): AGAIN, WE ARE IN THE “LEARN” CATEGORY. The others are “LIVE,” “CONNECT,” “PLAY,” and “CREATE.” The goal is to help make Los Angeles a better place in which to live, learn, connect, play and create!

Student transit pass program benefits include:STP1_large.jpg

*Big increases in student transit ridership;
*Big reductions in traffic around colleges and universities;
*Students can save $2,000/year on cost of getting to school;
*Reduced GHG emissions;
*Reduced demand for parking at/around schools;
*Students can also take transit to work and all destinations;
*LA County builds a transit-responsive culture!


(*Your 5 votes will help 10 organizations win $100,000 each because in addition to the 5 organizations that win the popular crowd-sourced vote a jury will pick another 5 organizations from among the Top 10 vote-getters in each category.)

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