5 Nonprofits + 5 "Tastemakers" + A Bunch of "Creatives" Make 5 Videos


We were hugely honored to be chosen by the Goldhirsh Foundation and LA 2050 to be a part of a 72-hour “ProduceAthon” hosted by Jasmine Youssefzadeh and her Impact Rising “cultural movement” company. She brought together 15 “creatives”—producers, directors, camerapeople, etc.—5 “tastemakers” and 5 nonprofits under 1 roof in a small house in West Hollywood to make 5 videos that tell stories that “inspire, activate and unite people in support of brands and causes that matter.” In the room were Move LA, CicLAvia, Chrysalis, Spark Los Angeles, and Lift Los Angeles.

We’ve mixed and mingled, pitched, brainstormed, collaborated, drank a little and sent our teams onto the streets of Los Angeles, and now we’re waiting to see what we get! Our director is Carlyn Hudson (in . . . is that a Dodger cap?), cameraman is Azzdine (in the middle) prominently featured in this selfie with Jasmine Youssefzadeh from Impact Rising (in the front) and . . . not sure who OurImpactRisingTeam.jpgelse. Rising stars obviously, as Jasmine writes on her website: “Breakthrough changes depend on intentional, self-directed, curious, rising stars who are eager to create the future and challenge the status quo.”

Special thanks to the expert taste-makers who helped us craft and enhance our stories!

  • Aaron Wolf, CEO of Howling Wolf Productions
  • Bennet Silverman, Founder of Nice Piece Productions
  • Mathew Manos, Founder of a verynice design studio
  • Aimie Billon, VP Entertainment Propper Daley
  • Brandon Gross, Director of Content for Good YouTube

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