The Verge on New USDOT Report: 6 Reasons To Be Terrified About the Future of Transportation

Chris Ziegler writes on The Verge that: "The US Department of Transportation just released Beyond Traffic, a study best described as a dire warning about how the country's arterial lines will clog and implode over the next several decades. As far as USDOT secretary Anthony Foxx is concerned, pretty much everything is in bad shape and getting worse: roadways, railways, waterways, the whole nine yards." At Move LA, we take a sunnier view, believing that investments in transit and first-mile/last-mile bike and pedestrian connections, as well as policies that promote car-sharing, ride-sharing and bike-sharing, will stop the sky from falling. Still, the USDOT tells the truth and The Verge puts a sharp edge on it . . . and it's all about starting a real conversation about the future of transportation in this country. And Move LA is totally into that!


The Verge continues: The problems are endless: ancient infrastructure is crumbling without the money to repair or replace it. Renewable energy strategies aren't materializing quickly enough. Rapidly growing urban centers are buckling under the weight of the commuting residents that occupy them. And all the while, the specter of global warming threatens to quite literally sink everything.

In a perfect world, the DOT would be coming to the table with a slate of solutions — not problems — but it's not. Instead, it's calling Beyond Traffic "an invitation to a conversation" about how to fix things. "Everyone uses our transportation system, which means anyone can help build its future," a slide deck highlighting the study reads.

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