7 People, 7 Predictions On Future of Transportation in LA


Gloria Ohland from Move LA says the future is streets designed for people not just cars. Transportation planning consultant Ryan Snyder wants more and better bus service. Carla de Paz of East LA Community Corporation is worried about gentrification near rail stations. Nelson & Nygaard's Steve Boland calls for transformational change and the willingness to make tough decisions (lanes for cars or bus?). Richard France of ELP Advisors wants quantifiable metrics that prove what works. Sarah Catz of UC-Irvine and Brandman University wants driverless cars. And Hasan Ikhrata of the Southern California Association of Governments reminds us that 4 million more people are arriving in SoCal by 2040 so we'd better get on it right now!

New Metro CEO Phil Washington provides his view on Wednesday, at the Plaza on Olvera Street in DTLA.

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