A Remarkable Time to Live in LA County?


The newest issue of the Planning Report discusses the looming crisis in the condition of California's transportation infrastructure and the backlog of an estimated $130 billion in repairs—nearly the equivalent of the state's entire General Fund! Deteriorating roads and bridges pose a significant risk to all who use them, and cost drivers more than an average of $700/year in vehicle repairs.

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SB 961 Signed!


Today Governor Brown signed Sen. Ben Allen's SB 961, sponsored by Move LA, allowing local governments to create enhanced infrastructure finance districts (EIFDs) near high-frequency bus and rail corridors and in the half-mile radius around stations—with 40% of the tax increment going to affordable housing, 10% to urban greening and active transportation, and the remaining 50% for transit capital projects and other neighborhood improvements. We believe this bill, the “Second Neighborhood In ll Finance and Transit Improvements Act” or NIFTI-2, can become an important funding source to improve neighborhoods near transit and make them affordable and attractive places where people will want to live and investors want to invest.

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Shared Mobility Services Can Play An Important Role If Done Right

As a transportation advocacy organization, we strive to create safe, healthy, walkable, bikeable, and welcoming urban environments. We also encourage the use of public transportation in order to reduce greenhouse gas emissions and criteria air pollutants that impact our environment and air quality.

New mobility modes like electric scooters and electric bikes can reduce greenhouse gas emissions from the transportation sector and improve mobility for those with very limited options if they are guided by a strong commitment to supporting equity and existing public transit. Private companies operating shared, electric, and accessible mobility devices can and should be integrated with and complement public transit, promote the most sustainable and affordable modes, improve safety for cyclists and pedestrians, and ensure universal access and choice.

We want municipalities to embrace these new modes of mobility as we expand our transportation system and address first/last mile issues. But let's do it right.

We have joined up with transportation, environmental, and equity groups to embrace certain principles that we are advocating for cities to adopt when they develop ordinances and pilot programs. 

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SB 961 Is On Its Way to the Governor's Desk!


SB 961, a bill authored by Senator Ben Allen and sponsored by Move LA, is on its way to the Governor’s desk!  The bill would allow local governments to create specialized enhanced tax increment financing districts (EIFDs) near high-frequency bus and rail corridors—with 40% of the tax increment going to affordable housing and 10% to urban greening and active transportation. The remainder of the funds can be used for transit capital projects including stations and programs supporting transit ridership

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Look Who's Supporting SB 961 for Affordable Housing Near Transit!


Click on logos to read the letter of support to author Sen. Ben Allen.

The bill, which Move LA is sponsoring, is headed to the Assembly floor after making it through the rest of the Legislature with very few "no" votes!

Stop the War on Transportation Funding!


Join us by endorsing the “No On Prop 6” campaign to repeal SB-1—the state transportation funding bill that Gov. Brown signed into law last year—and stop the attack on bridge and road safety! Do it because transportation funding is never just about transportation. It’s about all the things we care about: access to opportunity and jobs, equity, air quality and climate change, public health and safety, and the amount of money we need to spend maintaining our cars, trains, buses and bikes.


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Vote for us! It's time for bold action!


It's time for bold action. Progress on air pollution is slowing—perhaps even reversing—and climate change is an increasing threat with more cars and trucks on our roads. The solution to each is the same: Southern California must accelerate use of zero & near-zero emission vehicles! Move LA's regional ballot measure plan for 2020—we call it VISION 2020—will accomplish just that!  Vote to help Move LA win $200,000 to start now to create the regional coalition we need to win.

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Dump diesel to improve air quality. Conquer climate change. Clean up goods movement. Improve Metrolink. These are all inter-related challenges, and we must come together as a region in a cooperative effort to fix them.

We can do this! We did it before in LA County with big, broad coalitions that won county-wide campaigns for Measures R and M for transit with a more than two-thirds of the vote, and Measure H for housing and services for people who are homeless.

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SB 961 Is On Its Way to the Assembly!


After winning a 38-0 vote on the Senate floor last week (with 1 member not voting), Sen. Ben Allen's SB 961 is on its way to the Assembly. The bill, which Move LA is sponsoring, would allow local governments to create "Neighborhood Infill Finance and Transit Improvements (NIFTI-2)" districts within a half mile of rail transit stations and major transit stops. Any increase in local sales and property taxes within the districts could be used for affordable housing, transit infrastructure, neighborhood greening and other improvements. It's sort of like creating, to quote one person, "mini community redevelopment districts around transit stops.”

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