Not a cynical corporate scheme: the real story about Prop 30

This post was written by Stuart Cohen, a long-time friend and colleague in the Bay Area who founded TransForm 25 years ago and was Executive Director until 2019. Over the past year as a Senior Policy Advisor for Transform he also worked with many other groups to advance more equitable transportation and housing solutions—including Prop 30. Below is what he wrote about how this measure came to be, and why we Californians should support it.

The Origin Story of Proposition 30

The election is upon us and, unfortunately, there are wildly misleading ads opposing Prop 30 that feature Gov. Newsom saying “Prop 30 is a cynical scheme devised by a single corporation (Lyft).” This is a blatant lie. So I wanted to get you TRUE information about Prop 30 and its origins, including my role in co-creating it. But first, the basics:

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Peter Dreier points out on CityWatch that Jack Humphreville is wrong about Measure ULA!

Jack Humphreville, a conservative commentator well-known for opposing even progressive taxes, calls Measure ULA a “free lunch.” But as Peter Dreier points out in the City Watch column below, it's a fair, effective way to get LA’s wealthiest people—who prospered from the real estate boom—to help address LA's most pressing problem: the 40,000 people who live on the street. Measure ULA would tax the sale of super-expensive properties to provide funding to help seniors and other vulnerable renters avoid eviction and to build sufficient affordable housing for those living on our streets and in our shelters.
Paid for by Move LA, a Project of Community Partners, 1000 N. Alameda St., Suite 240, Los Angeles, CA. 90012.

Move LA Speaks Out About the Racist Conversation By City Leaders

Move LA, an organization founded on the potential for a broad-based and inclusive coalition to transform Los Angeles, condemns the hurtful, divisive, and racist conversation between Councilmembers Nury Martinez, Gil Cedillo, Kevin De León, and former LA County Federation of Labor head Ron Herrera.

These leaders have betrayed our trust. The use of anti-Black, anti-Indigenous, homophobic, anti-AAPI, anti-renter, and anti-Semitic speech, as well as the threat of violence against Mike Bonin’s young Black child, has no place in our discourse. Angelenos must have faith that their leaders will treat everyone fairly and equitably.

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Join Move LA's K Line Scavenger Hunt for the Grand Opening on Friday!

As you may have read, there's been talk about improving or restoring rail transit on the Crenshaw Corridor since the late 1940s! Move LA has been part of that conversation for almost two decades, and thanks to our effort to get the Measure R half-cent sales tax on the ballot in 2008—and thanks to voters for passing it—that dream becomes a reality this Friday!

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Join us Tues. Sept. 27 for a virtual phone bank to help house the unhoused in the City of LA

We need your help to talk to voters about the United to House LA ballot measure (Measure ULA)! Would you join us from 5:30-8:30 p.m. on Tues., Sept. 27, for a Move LA-hosted VIRTUAL phone bank? 

This is the ballot measure that Move LA’s Denny Zane drafted with homeless services providers, affordable housing nonprofits, labor unions, and renters' rights groups. It was put on the ballot by 98,171 LA renters, homeowners and small business owners who want to see real change. 

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Students seek funding for student transit passes after Gov. Newsom vetoes AB 1919


For Immediate Release: Wednesday September 14, 2022

Students and advocates from across California expressed disappointment after Gov. Gavin Newsom vetoed Assembly Bill 1919 (Holden) late Tuesday. AB 1919 would have allowed any K-12, community college or university student in California to take public transit for free. It passed both the State Senate and the Assembly with only one NO vote.

“It is time for the Governor and the Legislature to ‘get on the bus’ with free public transit for all California’s students,” said Eli Lipmen, Executive Director of Move LA. “Assembly Bill 1919 would create the next generation of transit riders and help achieve our state’s social equity and climate goals.”


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Prop 30: We were there at the beginning!

This week we helped kick off the Prop 30 campaign to win a measure on the November ballot that would enable California to get very serious about addressing climate change and air quality (that is Denny Zane in the middle and Eli Lipmen and his son Cal on the left). Over 20 years the measure would invest about:

  • $45 billion to make zero-emission vehicles affordable, including cars, buses, and light-, medium-, and heavy-duty trucks, as well as trains and ships, and all diesel-powered vehicles and equipment as well.
  • $35 billion to expand zero-emission (this includes green hydrogen) charging and fueling infrastructure;
  • $20 billion to prevent catastrophic wildfires.
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Join us to revisit Boulevards of Equity and Opportunity with important guests!

Join us to talk about the benefits of what we have been calling "Boulevards of Equity and Opportunity"—LA County has many!—that can accommodate affordable housing development and are already served by transit. We believe this is an opportunity to provide more housing, create high-quality jobs, and build a transit culture—one of the most significant things we can do to combat climate change. The time is NOW to plan these boulevards with so much money coming our way from the Inflation Reduction Act.

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Students go back to school, traveling for free on LA Metro bus and rail lines

About 140,000 students in K-12 and community colleges are participating in new GoPass program in LA County and numbers are growing

By  | [email protected] | San Gabriel Valley Tribune

Students piled off the G Line (formerly Orange Line) bus at the Balboa Boulevard station early Tuesday morning, backpacks swaying, chitchat lingering in the air, as they made the short walk to Birmingham Community Charter High School in Lake Balboa.

The students are part of an expanding L.A. Metro program offering K-12 and community college students unlimited free rides on all its public buses, light rail trains and subways for the entire school year.

(Photo by David Crane, Los Angeles Daily News/SCNG)



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All California students could have the benefits of Metro's Fareless System Initiative!

Why is Asm. Holden's AB 1919 to make transit free for all students in California so important? Because look at what Metro has done with their Fareless System Initiative:
  • Student ridership has nearly doubled in the last 10 months;
  • The number of K-12 participants increased 190% over 2019 from 64,000 students to 122,000;
  • More than 5.5 million student trips have been taken since the program began
  • There are nearly 140,000 K-12 students registered and 138,000 community college participants
  • 51 school districts joined the program in Year 1
  • 20+ more school districts are joining now
  • 14 community colleges participated in Year 1
  • 2 more community colleges are joining now
  • 92% of the trips are taken to school
  • community college graduation rates are up to 27% higher for students who have free transit passes
  • 13 transit agencies have joined the program including Metro and more are likely to join this year!

Please tell Senate Appropriations to vote in favor of AB 1919 and make this real for all schools, colleges and universities in California! We make it easy for you HERE.

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