Eli Lipmen writes about: My first week as Move LA's Executive Director!

Last month Denny Zane, our founder and executive director, announced he would “move over” and asked our Leadership Board to support his recommendation to appoint Eli Lipmen (that’s me!), as next executive director. Last week, we made the formal transition and sent out the announcement (which received a great response!).

My first week as executive director was very exciting. I joined a small group of nonprofit leaders for a private meeting with USDOT Secretary Pete Buttigieg, FTA Administrator Nuria Fernandez, and LA Mayor Eric Garcetti. We discussed how the federal government can play a role in developing more affordable housing near high-quality transit and improving transit service and distribution of discretionary grants for transportation infrastructure projects. It was a unique opportunity!

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A transformative bike, walk and roll corridor (that almost didn't happen) finally breaks ground in South LA!

Move LA joined the groundbreaking on July 6 for the Rail-to-Rail Active Transportation Corridor—a 5.5-mile path for pedestrians, cyclists and rollers on an unused rail corridor! This project will make walking, biking and rolling safe, and bring the Measure M promise of greater connectivity by connecting the Blue "A" Line, the Crenshaw "K" Line, and eventually the West Santa Ana Branch Line!

But this project almost didn’t happen—with one person going so far in 2019 as to say the project was “essentially dead.”

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Eli Lipmen Appointed Move LA Executive Director

Move LA Founder and Executive Director Denny Zane makes decision to “move over” and promote from within; recommends appointment of Eli Lipmen, a long-time Move LA board and staff member.

Los AngelesThe Move LA Leadership Board has approved the recommendation of Denny Zane to appoint Eli Lipmen as the new Executive Director of Move LA. Denny, who has served as the executive director since Move LA’s founding in 2007, will “move over” and continue as the organization’s Program and Policy Director, effective July 1, 2022.

Eli Lipmen previously served as a Leadership Board member for Move LA for six years, working on the successful Measure M campaign in 2016. He joined the Move LA staff in August 2017 to work on Measure H, and has since served as Move LA’s Program and Development Director, as the organization’s representative on the statewide ClimatePlan Advisory Board, and as co-chair of the South Los Angeles Transit Empowerment Zone (SLATE-Z) Transit Work Group. Currently he also serves in a voluntary role as President of the Los Angeles City Commission, overseeing 99 Neighborhood Councils.

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The Clean Cars and Clean Air Act qualifies for the November ballot!

The Clean Cars and Clean Air Act has qualified for the November ballot and would generate $4 billion to $4.5 billion annually, providing California with a stable funding source to increase the number of zero-emission vehicles on the road— both battery electric and hydrogen fuel-cell-powered light-duty cars, heavy-duty trucks, ships, trains and aircraft—and to help prevent and suppress wildfires.

If this measure is passed by voters it would raise the funding needed by increasing taxes by 1.75 percent on individuals and couples making more than $2 million per year. Add your name to get involved with passing this ballot initiative.

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Thank you to our sponsors and to everyone who came out to support us!

We want to thank all of you who attended our Big Stuff celebration at the Boomtown Brewery in the Arts District on June 2 because you made it a very special, very fun party (the album is here where you can download the photos!). And we especially want to thank our sponsors, because we couldn't do the work that we do without their interest and support! 

Thank You to Our Sponsors

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Our state’s historic budget surplus is a BIG opportunity for public transit!

Move LA and our partners statewide have been meeting with legislators since January to discuss the urgent need to fund frequent and reliable transit service. We’ve met with key leaders in the Governor’s office, the State Senate, Assembly budget staff and other legislators, and transit riders, bus and rail operators, and transit advocates have all made the case for discounted fares and funding for the expansion of active transportation and for public transit infrastructure, and fair wages for operators. And our efforts have paid off! 

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Join us to honor Ron Miller, (retired) Executive Secretary of the LA/OC Building Trades, on June 2!

When Ron Miller retired from his very important and powerful role as Executive Secretary of the Los Angeles/Orange Counties Building and Construction Trades Council last year after nearly a decade, he left quite a legacy—one that included billions of dollars worth of Project Labor Agreements on very high-profile public and private projects.

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Join us on June 2 to honor Joan Ling, Move LA's longtime partner on affordable housing!

Joan Ling and Denny Zane, Move LA's founder and executive director, have worked together to build affordable housing ever since he was mayor of Santa Monica in the late 1980s and she was executive director of the Community Corporation of Santa Monica, a nonprofit affordable housing developer. Together they have, according to Denny's estimation, helped develop more than 1,400 affordable housing units—and they’re not done yet!

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Addressing climate change equitably means “high-road” jobs in renewable energy

Luis Cruz is an Urban Planning Graduate Student at the UCLA Luskin School of Public Affairs studying Regional Development and Housing. He has a background in working as an educator in Los Angeles. He has recently ventured into the planning field, particularly interested in advancing economic, housing, and mixed-use development projects to support and promote upward social mobility for low-income families in Los Angeles. Luis has been interning with Move LA for the past 6 months working on an extended white paper for this post, available upon request. 

Addressing Climate Change Equitable Means “High-Road” Jobs in Renewable Energy

As climate change continues to pose a threat to people worldwide, governments everywhere have the responsibility to act before it is too late. In the United States, the federal government has begun exploring ways to encourage collaboration to help address the crisis. Through federal investment funding in public renewable energy projects, the United States has set a standard for other nations to follow. In Los Angeles, this type of investment has presented the region with a prime opportunity to participate in developing innovative renewable energy infrastructure projects, specifically the production of electrolyzed hydrogen.

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Join us on June 2 to honor Chanell Fletcher, CARB's Deputy Executive Officer of Environmental Justice

There was a sea change in land use and transportation planning in 2007 when SB 375, a bill calling for regional action on reducing greenhouse gas emissions, was signed into law and a statewide coalition of nonprofits began organizing around the bill. The vision of this impressive gathering of otherwise disparate organizations—which included Move LA—was to champion sustainability in order to achieve SB 375’s ambitious GHG reduction strategies.

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