TAKE ACTION! Let's Make Metro's student GoPass Program Permanent!

Move LA has been working for 15 years to create “insurance-like” transit discount programs – where all students pay a little, and all students get a pass - at transit agencies across California for students at K-12 institutions, community colleges, and our state’s universities. These programs have been proven to create a culture of ridership immediately, reduce VMT, and cut greenhouse gas emissions. But beyond that, the social welfare benefits bring value—from reducing absenteeism at K-12 schools to increasing graduation rates at community colleges to reducing poverty and homelessness, these programs are proven to work…and work quickly.

CLICK HERE to read a brief history of Move LA’s work to expand access to public transit for students.


Hold Caltrans Accountable to California's Climate Goals

California Governor Gavin Newsom is leading on efforts to fight against climate change, yet the Governor's transportation agency -- Caltrans -- is undermining critical climate action goals.

Reporting in the Los Angeles Times has revealed that over the summer, a Caltrans executive and former policy director for CalBike Jeanie Ward-Waller, exposed that a $280-million repaving project along a stretch of Interstate 80 was surreptitiously widening 3½ miles of the freeway while "at the same time top state officials were pledging to end traffic-inducing freeway expansions to help meet ambitious climate goals."

This is why we joined 60 organizations calling on Governor Newsom to show Californians -- and the nation -- that health, the environment, and the fight against climate change are a top priority.

Click ‘START WRITING’ to sign and send a direct message to Governor Newsom requesting accountability for Caltrans and allocating more funding for public transportation now.