AB 1919: Please call/write (or both!) Governor Newsom and ask him to sign the bill!

Dear Governor Newsom:

Please sign Assembly Bill 1919 (D-Holden) to make transit free for all students in California and help them succeed in school and in life, and to help us all reduce the number of cars on the road, clean the air and reduce greenhouse gas emissions. The bill has passed through committees in both the Assembly and Senate with bipartisan support and only one no vote.

We have to find more ways to reverse the situation we are in with climate change looming, the air we all breathe getting dirtier and dirtier, the threat of wildfires, and this very serious drought. Zero-emission cars and trucks will help but it's not enough in the near term. We need more options!

The transit systems we have built in California have struggled during the pandemic and desperately need to increase ridership. And transit is key if we are to get serious about shifting away from single-occupancy vehicles in order to reduce traffic and make our streets safer for walking and biking. 

As a father of four you know how expensive it can be to raise children. A 2015 study by Harvard University found access to transportation is the single biggest factor in the odds of escaping poverty and avoiding homelessness, and well-designed student pass programs are a cost-effective solution.

These programs have been shown to significantly increase student ridership, reduce the cost of an education, and increase enrollment and student success while also reducing absenteeism. Consider the example of Jessica, who was spending $100/month and riding four buses a day to attend community college—with AB 1919 she wouldn’t need to continue spending that much money to ride. 

For low-income riders—especially students in the community college system—reducing the burden of transit passes could be a real game-changer: a study conducted by Rio Hondo College in Whittier found community college graduation rates are up to 27% higher for students who receive free transit passes.

Moreover, in addition to providing direct benefits to students—who won't need to pay for the cost of gas or maintaining and insuring a car—there are significant benefits to the community at large, to transit agencies, and to schools and colleges. For example, this bill will:

  • reduce traffic congestion in neighborhoods near schools and campuses and make streets safer, especially in the morning;
  • help our transit agencies recoup ridership post-pandemic and enhance revenue to operators, as well as enhance public confidence in the viability of transit investments in particular and public investments generally;
  • benefit our educational system by improving attendance and student performance, reduce the need for parking garages on campus, and reduce conflicts with between schools/college and their neighbors.

Again, we ask that you sign AB 1919 to help us create the next generation of riders. Thank you for your consideration!


Who's endorsing

Elizabeth Ontiveros-Cole
Corinna Contreras Climate Action Campaign
şehbaz derwîş
Grace Peng
Veronica Fried
Suzanne Hume CleanEarth4Kids.org
Ariana federico Mid-City CAN
Brian Bowens
xiomara duran
Jenny Wong
Kamyab Mashian
Deborah Murphy
Mike Royce
Alfred Twu
Colin Parent Circulate San Diego
Russell Castaneda Calleros, Ed.D. Rio Hondo College
Russell Castaneda Calleros, Ed.D. Rio Hondo College
Miles Riehle
Kay Ambriz
Ellis Raskin
Steven Gonzalez
Marisa Garcia
Denny Zane Move LA
John Curry
Jessica Evans Santa Cruz County Friends of the Rail and Trail
Kent Strumpell Climate Action Santa Monica
Renee Dake Wilson
Amanda Mahaffey ⚡️
Alessandro Seminario

116 endorsements

Will you endorse?

  • Elizabeth Ontiveros-Cole
    endorsed 2022-09-26 00:32:03 -0700
  • Corinna Contreras
    Climate Action Campaign endorsed 2022-09-14 12:01:11 -0700
  • şehbaz derwîş
    endorsed 2022-09-14 11:23:14 -0700
  • Grace Peng
    endorsed 2022-09-12 17:02:34 -0700
  • Veronica Fried
    endorsed 2022-09-11 08:05:55 -0700
  • Suzanne Hume
    CleanEarth4Kids.org endorsed 2022-09-08 15:42:31 -0700
  • Ariana federico
    Mid-City CAN endorsed 2022-09-08 12:20:03 -0700
  • Brian Bowens
    endorsed 2022-09-07 16:47:16 -0700
  • xiomara duran
    endorsed 2022-09-07 09:19:44 -0700
  • Jenny Wong
    endorsed 2022-09-06 16:58:30 -0700
  • Kamyab Mashian
    endorsed 2022-09-06 16:17:47 -0700
  • Deborah Murphy
    endorsed 2022-09-06 16:10:57 -0700
  • Mike Royce
    endorsed 2022-09-06 13:01:46 -0700
  • Alfred Twu
    endorsed 2022-09-06 12:47:09 -0700
  • Colin Parent
    Circulate San Diego endorsed 2022-09-06 10:48:18 -0700
  • Russell Castaneda Calleros, Ed.D.
    Rio Hondo College endorsed 2022-09-06 09:50:18 -0700
  • Russell Castaneda Calleros, Ed.D.
    Rio Hondo College endorsed 2022-09-06 09:50:06 -0700
  • Miles Riehle
    endorsed 2022-09-05 21:52:18 -0700
  • Kay Ambriz
    endorsed via 2022-09-05 21:49:39 -0700
  • Ellis Raskin
    endorsed 2022-09-05 21:37:22 -0700
  • Steven Gonzalez
    endorsed 2022-09-05 19:53:26 -0700
  • Marisa Garcia
    endorsed 2022-09-05 19:52:57 -0700
  • Denny Zane
    Move LA endorsed 2022-09-05 19:42:08 -0700
  • John Curry
    endorsed 2022-09-05 19:41:14 -0700
  • Jessica Evans
    Santa Cruz County Friends of the Rail and Trail endorsed 2022-09-05 14:30:13 -0700
  • Kent Strumpell
    Climate Action Santa Monica endorsed 2022-09-05 14:16:35 -0700
  • Renee Dake Wilson
    endorsed 2022-09-05 12:32:25 -0700
  • Amanda Mahaffey ⚡️
    endorsed 2022-09-04 14:33:45 -0700
  • Alessandro Seminario
    endorsed 2022-09-02 20:44:50 -0700
  • Cameron Ae
    @The_Dark_Lamp tweeted link to this page. 2022-09-02 18:50:45 -0700

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