AB 2304 Passes Assembly Transportation 14-0!


We’re off and running! It’s our 3rd try to get funding for a statewide student transit pass program! But we’ve been talking to the Governor’s Office and believe 2018 is the year Governor Brown will sign the bill, which passed out of the Assembly Transportation Committee 14-0 on Monday.

The bill is likely to encounter little opposition on it's way through the Assembly as it merely asks for a study of existing student transit pass programs—in Governor Brown's veto letter last year he wrote he wanted to better understand how existing programs work and how new ones should be paid for. But we have had subsequent talks with his office that suggest he may be open to creating a pilot program.

In that case AB 2304 would become a spot bill when it reaches the Senate and the language changed to support a pilot program that could be expanded statewide. We do believe that there's a right and a wrong way to create programs that produce BIGTIME student ridership!

We will definitely need your support when/if the bill gets to the Senate! So stay tuned and be prepared to help when AB 2304 reaches the senate... (Here's a SAMPLE LETTER of support in Word so you can make changes (yellow highlighting suggests passages you can amend to reflect your priorities) and TALKING POINTS you can use to customize the letter, and here is the TEXT OF AB 2304.) Your letter becomes part of the package of support letters provided to each committee as the bill moves forward—so you only have to do this once!

Send to [email protected]. Call Gloria Ohland at Move LA, 2130-304-0444, if you have questions, or email [email protected]

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