Asm. Henry Perea (Fresno) has included Move LA's suggested amendment to ACA 23, the proposed constitutional amendment to reduce the Local Voter Threshold to 55% for transportation funding measures.  It will be heard in Assembly Appropriations on August 9.

Our amendment provides that if the proposed constitutional amendment were to be on the statewide ballot  (at this or a future election) and approved by voters (by 50% + 1), it would enable qualifying local transportation measures on the same ballot to be approved by the 55% threshold, rather than have to wait for another election cycle.

This could be huge.  It will 1) dramatically increase the interest in this measure by transportation agencies and 2) motivate and enable statewide + local campaign coordination when it is on the ballot.  Both will make the campaign much more powerful.

Keep in mind that:

  • a poll in the six-county SCAG region found 64% support for such a measure (half the state's population and voted very close to the state as a whole on last governor race and other measures.)

  • if it is written so that only broad-based taxes are included (no oil tax or tobacco tax, etc) then it may be that no one will wish to spend significant money against it

  • the Perea bill is sponsored by folks that are not the traditional urban transportation advocates.  It is sponsored by the generally conservative Kern County Council of Governments whose chair is the mayor of Ridgecrest, California.  This means we can find major supporters in the parts of the state that is otherwise most difficult on tax issues

Allies should send in letters of support for this measure, asking to participate in the hearing, even if the goal is to get it on the 2014 ballot, as we believe.

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Good morning!

As you know, ACA 23 is in Asm Appropriations. I submitted the amendments to the committee yesterday.  The amendments define “local transportation project” and include a provision stating that that if this measure were to pass, it shall apply to any concurrent qualifying local transportation measures.  Please see attached mock up amendments, which include the leg. counsel language.

The bill will be heard on Thu 8/9 (still confirming date with consultant).  The bill will go to the suspense file, which will be taken up on Thu 8/16.  The amendments will go in the bill once the bill comes off suspense.

I am forwarding you the updated fact sheet.  We added BART in support of the bill.’

Please let me know if you have any questions.

Thank you,

Celia Mata, Legislative Director

Assemblymember Henry T. Perea

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