Action Alert: Save AB 17, the Student Transit Pass Bill!


Low-income students in California need your help. Please join Asm. Chris Holden (D-Pasadena) and nearly 100 organizations and individuals that support creating a statewide program to help fund discounted student transit passes for middle-school, high school, and public college and university students!

Asm. Holden's bill, AB 17, has been put on the Suspense File in the Assembly Appropriations Committee and we need to convince committee members to take the bill off Suspense by Friday, May 26, or it will die.

Please call the committee chair (the most important member!) and the committee member who represents you or the district closest to you. Members’ names and phone numbers are listed below. You can google the Wikipedia page of each Assembly district to find out the cities in the district and determine whether you live there.

Calling is super easy: Tell the person who answers the phone that you urge the member to support AB 17 and take it off suspense. If you live in their district you will be asked for your name and address; if you don’t live there say you want to make your opinion known because you think student transit passes for low-income students are very important.

We strongly believe we must increase transit ridership if California is going to reduce traffic, and student passes have been shown to significantly increase student ridership and to significantly reduce the cost of an education—as well as greenhouse gas emissions and air pollution!

The bill is co-sponsored by Move LA, Transform and the Student Senate of California Community Colleges and has been endorsed by all of the nonprofit organizations with logos above and an array of supporters from LA Metro to BART, the Teamsters to the California Faculty Association, cities including South Pasadena and Thousand Oaks, and distinguished academic researchers including UCLA’s Donald Shoup and USC’s Manuel Pastor. Nearly 100 organizations and individuals have signed on to letters of support!

Appropriations Chair Lorena Gonzalez Fletcher • D-San Diego • District 80 • 916-319-2080
Vice Chair Frank Bigelow • R-O’Neals • District 5 • 916 319-2005
Richard Bloom • D-Santa Monica • District 50 • 916-319-2050
Raul Bocanegra • D-Pacoima • District 39 • 916-319-2039
Rob Bonta • D-Alameda • District 18 • 916-319-2018
William Brough • R-Dana Point • District 73 • 916-319-2073
Ian Calderon • D-Whittier • District 57 • 916-319-2057
Ed Chau • D-Monterey Park • District 49 • 916-319-2049
Susan Talamantes Eggman • D-Stockton • District 13 • 916-319-2013
Vince Fong • R-Bakersfield • District 34 • 916-319-2034
Laura Friedman • D-Glendale • District 43 • 916-319-2043
James Gallagher • R-Nicolaus • District 03 • 916-319-2003
Eduardo Garcia • D-Coachella • District 56 • 916-319-2056
Adam Gray • D-Merced  District 21 • 916-319-2021

Thank you so very much—in advance—for supporting an important bill!

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