Want to Hear Something Really Scary?


It’s Halloween, and we have a really scary story to tell. It's about LA's nightmare traffic and how it will only get worse as LA County's population continues to grow. As you get ready to go out tonight, take a minute—you're probably just sitting in traffic anyway—and think about it: more traffic, more cars, more potholes, more air pollution, more of your valuable time wasted sitting in traffic, stoplight after stoplight. Totally scary, right?

You can prevent this nightmare from happening by pledging to VOTE YES ON MEASURE M today.

The population of Los Angeles County is projected to increase by 1.5 million people by 2060, meaning more congestion on our already clogged streets and highways. The future of Los Angeles could be a real-life Halloween nightmare if Measure M doesn’t pass on November 8. It is like the archetypical Hollywood horror film character who we all know is about to make the wrong choice.
Cue the spooky music.

But it doesn’t have to be that way. We can make the right choice. We can choose to alleviate our traffic, fix our broken streets, and build a 21st transportation network that truly serves all residents of L.A. County. So pledge to vote YES ON MEASURE M on November 8!

And while you are out with your family, friends and neighbors tonight don't forget to tell them about the real scare they're in for if they don’t VOTE YES on Measure M . . .

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