Climate Urgency Can Be LA's Opportunity: Zane and Parfrey in the LA Daily News


Gov. Jerry Brown made it clear in his State of the State address that climate change is a major priority. His three climate goals promise to transform California: by 2030 half the state’s electricity will come from renewable power, by the same year homes and buildings will be 200 percent more efficient, and in the next 15 years the state will reduce its use of petroleum by half.

“If we are to have any chance of stopping potentially catastrophic changes to our climate system California must — as it does in many areas — show the way,” he said. No sooner had the governor declared his objectives than we learned that 2014 had been the warmest year on record — and part of a consistent pattern of increased warming the past decade.

In an opinion piece in the Daily News Move LA's Denny Zane and Climate Resolve's Jonathan Parfrey talk about how LA Mayor Garcetti, LA Metro, other agencies, and LA County voters have stepped up and continue to step up to address this challenge. It's a "happy alignment of priorities [that] may result in a 4-in-1 victory where the region can reduce traffic congestion, strengthen the regional economy, alleviate air pollution and also fight climate change," they write.

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  • Art Lewellan
    commented 2015-02-04 09:51:35 -0800
    Warren Buffett’s plans to run BNSF loaded with coal/oil/gas through Washington State is up against significant odds. No petro tankcar and pipeline laying in Oregon look like a done deal. The pipeline Keystone improves existing oil/gas operations initially and proper safety treatments further north to existing domestic operations, not necessarily much more to Alberta tar sands Canada.

    Rail transport ultimately could not win over downsizing K-less-XL.
    Furthermore, I believe, railroad nationalization is necessary.
    The feds could be planning a scenario of some sort that installs modern passenger-rail on all the major corridors, whatever that takes. 200mph HSR is too little too late. World rail grade standards should apply in these so-called united states.
    Upgrade existing railway corridors now. I still believe a
    ‘dual-mode’ Talgo-type at 125mph is better for California.
    Go figure

    Art Lewellan
    Author, the Seattle Circulator Plan
    (still blacklisted in Seattle)
    Go Patriots – Better tunnel builders

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