We won the award for our transportation advocacy. Congresswoman Brownley congratulated Denny for his "positive contributions to the Los Angeles region over a period spanning more than three decades." She also noted that (this is the text of her remarks):
This award's namesake, John Leighton Chase, passed in 2010. He had 
been a renowned West Hollywood urban designer, writer and advocate of
civic spaces and vernacular architecture (which is focused on local
needs, reflects local traditions and is constructed with local
materials). The Westside Urban Forum, that bestowed this deserved award
on Mr. Zane and Move LA, has for over twenty years been a prominent
organization dedicated to land-use issues impacting the west side of
Los Angeles.
Mr. Zane has been a persistent advocate in the Los Angeles region
for ``smart growth'' in local development and for bringing best
practices to local communities, with a focus on soliciting broad input
from varied constituencies, protecting local jobs, generating local
revenue and limiting adverse traffic impacts. In 2007, seeking to
support development of a robust Los Angeles regional transit system--a
goal that had been announced already by Los Angeles Mayor Antonio
Villaragosa--Mr. Zane, a former Mayor of Santa Monica, succeeded, with
the help of the Annenberg Foundation, in bringing together a powerful
coalition of major local stakeholders, including business, labor,
environmental, and political leaders and in forming Move LA. In 2008,
Mr. Zane and Move LA impressively led a successful effort to achieve
the required two-thirds majority vote favoring a local tax measure that
is expected to generate for regional transportation development in
excess of $40 billion over 30 years.
Mr. Zane served the public in many ways as Mayor, as a City
Councilmember, as the director of the local Coalition for Clean Air, as
a local teacher and now in his role with Move LA. His resolute
commitment to public service has strengthened our community and for
that we owe him our heartfelt gratitude.
I have personally known Mr. Zane for many years and am most pleased
to join the Westside Urban Forum in honoring Move LA for its
contributions to regional transportation and Mr. Zane for his legacy of
successful community activism.



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