If Parking On Campus Is a Problem, Student Transit Passes Could Be the Answer, Denny Zane Tells the LA Times


Parking for students and faculty is a problem at colleges and universities across LA County and the nation, but land for parking lots/structures and the money required to build them (underground parking can range upwards of $30,000 per space -- money that should be used for educational purposes instead) is always in short supply. Moreover, schools are less interested in accommodating solo drivers these days and more interested in going green and encouraging students to carshare/bikeshare and use public transit. That's why Move LA has been working with LA County Supervisor/LA Metro Board Chair Mark Ridley-Thomas on a universal student transit pass program. "[Student transit passes] would really give more students access to education, because mass transit is much cheaper than driving a car," Move LA Executive Director Denny Zane told the LA Times. "And community college students especially often work part-time, so it would make it possible for them to get to school and work and make it affordable." Read the story in Sunday's LA Times!

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