Dying on the Streets of Los Angeles: 2022 Traffic Fatalities, Why & What Needs to Change

Streets Are For Everyone's Executive Director, Damian Kevitt, has written an excellent piece on how the last several years have proven the streets of Los Angeles are both fast and deadly, with the 2022 fatality rate breaking the 300 mark with 309 deaths over 20 years—a staggering 28% increase over 2020 and an increase of 5% over 2021.

Do you think it's time to do something to stop the carnage? The tragedy is made worse by the fact that "vulnerable road users—pedestrians (primarily youth 29 and younger and seniors 50 and older)—are impacted the most by traffic violence," Damian writes. Pedestrian fatalities were up 19% (157 lives lost, the highest in 20 years),  bicycle fatalities increased by 24% (21 lives lost, up 40% since 2020), and while motor vehicle fatalities were also at higher levels ironically they dropped 10% in 2022.

Click here to read all about it. 

And you can join a protest for safer streets on Saturday, Jan. 21, by signing in here!

You may be wondering why is this happening. The answer, of course, is speed: Speeding is the primary collision factor in 34.8% of collisions resulting in injury or fatalities in LA which, while it makes sense, it has been true every year since 2010 and has gotten significantly worse since 2022. 

Also to blame are cell phones, and new infotainment systems in cars, and other internal and external distractions that are major collision factor. Meanwhile the Vision Zero strategy initiated in 2015 to protect the most vulnerable road users and reduce traffic fatalities has been a failure, suffering a lack of funding, political will, and severe staff shortages.

Read all about it and weep, then show up Saturday and protest!

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