Fortune Favors the Bold — Again!


On Tuesday, March 7, 2017, the voters of the county of Los Angeles made history, apparently approving Measure H by 67.4% of the vote (subject to final certification) and becoming the first community in America to actually vote to end homelessness.

Measure H comes on the heels of voter approval of Measure M in November 2016 and Measure R in November 2008, which will together modernize LA County’s transportation system and dramatically expand its rail transit system and bicycle and pedestrian infrastructure.

Move LA is proud to have played a central role in all of these initiatives.

It is clear that if LA County voters have their way, LA will no longer be regarded as an urban dystopia made famous by its traffic, smog and urban unrest. This new LA will be recognized as the economic and cultural capital of the Pacific Rim, committed to diversity, social justice, environmental responsibility, and economic opportunity.

Fortune favors the bold. And so do voters!

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