If SB 827 Were Law When LA County's Measure M Was on the Ballot, It Would Have Failed!

DennyZaneSML_200.jpgDespite its stated goals of promoting transit-oriented development and improving affordability through dense new housing supply, nearly every housing justice organization in California has vehemently opposed SB 827. To unpack the impacts of the bill, TPR turned to two experts on transit and equitable development: Denny Zane, leading transit advocate, former mayor of Santa Monica and executive director of Move LA; and Cynthia Strathmann, executive director of Strategic Actions for a Just Economy (SAJE), a long-standing non-profit for equitable development and tenant rights in South Los Angeles. 

So begins the Planning Report's interview about SB 827, the bill that would dramatically upzone housing density within a half-mile of a rail station or a quarter-mile of a frequent bus route.

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