Steve Dubner and Eric Morris of Freakonomics fame made the point in a recent NPR/Marketplace pitch that the per-passenger energy consumption of cars is lower than that of transit . . . Right. Because here's the rub: Buses, for example, are underutilized, and carry an average of just 10 passengers, while the average American car carries 1.6, which means a bus requires the expenditure of 20 percent more energy. Trains are slightly better than cars, requiring roughly two-thirds the energy per passenger.

Angie Schmitt takes Dubner and Morris to task on Streetsblog, pointing out that, among other things, they miss the point that transit helps create places where people drive less, walk and bike more, and live in much more energy and water-efficient homes . . .

Read/hear about it on NPR's Marketplace or on Streetsblog.


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