Join our THUNDERCLAP #VoteYesOnM Campaign and Let's Make Some Noise!


Take just 1 minute to join our THUNDERCLAP campaign to make a really big noise Monday morning across facebook, twitter and tumblr by urging your friends and followers to #VoteYesOnM. Why? Because Measure M would improve roads, freeways and sidewalks, and provide more rail, bus and bike lanes so we can all get where we need to go when we need to be there—whether by rail, car, bus, bike or on foot! Oh and we'd create 465,000 good-paying local jobs!

All you have to do is click here to allow Thunderclap to automatically send a customizable message to your friends and followers about Measure M. If 100 or more of us click to support this campaign by Monday morning, Thunderclap will automatically send out our messages to all our friends and followers—at the same time—and BOOM!!! The impact across these 3 media channels will be far greater than if each of us posts individually.

Working together we can have an impact. So please, go to Thunderclap right now and click the red “support with” button. Honestly, it takes less than a minute. And it could be crazy fun on Monday morning! Even if you decide to sleep in.

Do it NOW!

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