Join us THIS WEEKEND for important work, fun, tacos and mariachis!

Join us this weekend for major Get Out The Vote efforts! Saturday we'll kick off the Yes on ULA canvassing campaign at the LA/OC Building Trades in Historic Filipinotown at 10am. REGISTER HERE! And on SUNDAY, join our rally for Yes on Prop 30 in Hollenbeck Park at 12pm with free tacos and mariachis! REGISTER HERE!

We all know LA has one of the most serious housing crises of any major American city, and we also know California is the state most likely to move forward in addressing pressing issues such as climate and clean air.

You probably also know that Move LA helped create and has been working hard on Measure ULA (United to House LA), a ballot measure in the City of LA, and statewide Proposition 30 (Clean Air CA), and we want you to know there will be major Get Out The Vote efforts for both ballot measures over the weekend, which we urge you to join!

1) #YesOnULA offers a real chance to provide shelter to those living on the streets of the City of LA; to build new affordable housing as well as preserve existing low-cost housing; to help those facing unfair evictions; to offer income support to low-income rent-burdened seniors; to provide legal counsel for tenants facing eviction so that it's more likely they can stay in their homes or apartments; and to educate landlords and tenants about their rights and responsibilities.

2) #YesOn30 would address the climate crisis and slash local air pollution across the state, with a ballot measure that would provide $45 billion for subsidies to help consumers, businesses and local governments afford zero-emission cars, trucks (including big heavy-duty trucks), transit and school buses and also equipment used at the ports; $35 billion to expand zero-emission charging and fueling infrastructure; and $

20 billion to prevent and fight the wildfires ravaging our forests.

Where would the money come from? For Measure ULA it would be funded by people who can most afford it because they just sold property in the City of Los Angeles for $5 million or more. Proposition 30 would be funded by wealthy residents of California people who can afford it because they make $2 million or more a year.

If California continues to lead by example, as we have for so many years, the rest of the world may follow. Both homelessness and climate change pose humanitarian and public health crises that we have avoided so far but let's get up and finally address both issues! 

You can help encourage people to vote Yes on ULA by signing up at YESONULA.COM, and then heading over to the LA/OC Building Trades at 1626 Beverly Blvd. just west of downtown LA, to do some canvassing on Saturday and Sunday, 11/5 and 11/6, from 10am-5pm, or Monday and Tuesday, 11/7 and 11/8, from 10am-8pm. 

And/or you can join the Get Out The Climate Vote Rally, Sunday, Nov. 6, at noon in Hollenbeck Park, 415 South Saint Louis St., LA, CA, 90033 (just off the 5 freeway in Boyle Heights). If you want more info email Lauren Ashe at [email protected]

We have so much more information about these two ballot measures, which we were involved with from their inception, on our website here:

Paid for by Move LA, a Project of Community Partners, 1000 N. Alameda St., Suite 240, Los Angeles, CA. 90012. 

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