KPCC’s AirTalk Voter Cram Session on Measure H (& S)

Help educate people about Measure H by asking questions along the campaign themes such as:

  • Share your personal story of the experience of not having a home
  • Share your story about how your social service agency or church was successful in helping someone move out of homelessness
  • Share what motivates you to work on homelessness and why you are voting for Measure H

Ask how Measure H will help specific groups of people:

  • Will Measure H help veterans, who have given so much to our country, get off the street? 
  • Will Measure H help battered women and their children get off the street and recover their physical & mental health?
  • Will Measure H help the growing population of women who find themselves homeless and are in danger when living on the street?
  • What kinds of services will Measure H provide? What about mental health services & counseling? What about medical care and rehabilitation for drug addiction? What about help with rent?
  • Will Measure help youth at-risk of homelessness get training to improve life and work skills? What about long term solutions like college or vocational training?
  • Will Measure H save county taxpayers millions of dollars? I heard it was six times cheaper to treat and house people experiencing homelessness than continuing to pay for trips to shelters, emergency rooms and jails.

Go ahead: Ask a Question for Measure H:

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