LA's Got Lines (The Remix)


Check it out on You Tube  Be patient, as 9-year-old Joshua takes a while to wind up into his song. He is singing along with Gabriele Morgan's "LA's Got Lines," and the lyrics she wrote to the well-known spiritual "Dry Bones" -- but her version is about the build-out of LA County's rail system: "The Green Line's connected to the Blue Line/The Blue Line's connected to the Red Line/The Red Line's connected to the Gold Line . . . " What's amazing is that Joshua is singing about what's actually happening (the transit build-out) right before our eyes: Since 1990 we've built and opened the Blue, Red, Green, Gold and Expo lines. Extensions to Expo (Santa Monica) and the Gold Line (Azusa) open next year. And The Purple Line, Crenshaw and the Regional Connector are under construction. It's easy to see why Flor is so excited!

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