LA Times: Metro Poll Suggests Strong Support For 2016 Tax Hike

Our take: This is really encouraging news! But the polling that's really going to drive a decision to go forward will be done next spring.

"The poll asked respondents whether they would approve a proposed ballot measure that would go before voters in 2016," writes Laura Nelson. "The measure would seek to raise the overall sales tax rate to 9.5%, and it would extend Measure R, a half-cent tax approved by voters in 2008, beyond its current 2039 expiration date."

The so-called augment and extend taxation structure would have the potential to reshape transportation in Los Angeles County.

It could pay for several immense public works projects, according to the poll questions, including a tunnel through the Sepulveda Pass, a rail link between Los Angeles International Airport and the Valley, and an extension of the Purple Line subway from Westwood to Santa Monica.

Metro says the survey results are a positive sign for local transportation officials, who have said they would only pursue another tax hike if voter support was initially strong.

Read the story on the LA Times website.

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