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LRS_HabdBallsBlue.jpgA hundred years ago, if you asked people how their transportation system could be improved, most would have said they wanted a faster horse. It was not until Henry Ford came to town, paved a mile of road, and let them drive a Model T, that they realized they did not want a horse at all.

We believe we are at the cusp of a similarly profound paradigm shift in mobility and it is time for us to create a new model that enables people with such a variety of mobility choices that they need not own a car at all.

We see fertile ground to transform our relationship with cars thanks to new technologies, shifting Millennial preferences, the needs of retiring Baby Boomers, the emergence and popularity of the sharing economy, and the changing nature of how we connect and create community.

Our goal is to lift up Southern California as the best national example of a region that is striving to solve the first-mile/last-mile connection problem by:

• Highlighting the potential of shared mobility services
• Making it easy and appealing to live and/or work without the need to own a car
• Making mobility services available in lower-density and lower-income neighborhoods
• Reducing trips and greenhouse gas emissions
• Providing affordable access to opportunity for people of all ages and incomes.

We are a partnership of local and national nonprofit organizations and funders:
Natural Resources Defense Council
Move LA
Shared-Use Mobility Center
FAST (Fixing Angelenos Stuck in Traffic)
Urban Land Institute Los Angeles

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