(Note: Measure J ended up with 66.11% of the vote.)

Steve Hymon reports on The Source that Measure J has crossed the 65 percent threshold but is still 1.59 percentage points away from passage. As of Friday, there were still 340,684 votes to be counted, according to the Los Angeles County Registrar’s latest news release. In order for J to pass, more than 78 percent of the remaining votes (if all cast a vote for or against Measure J, which is doubtful), would have to be "yes" votes.

That's possible but unlikely, Hymon notes, adding that it will be interesting to see "if Measure J can stay above 65 percent or perhaps climb within one percentage point of approval. For that to happen, the remaining votes likely need to come from the more central parts of the county, where support for J was the strongest."

See the results by map and spreadsheet here.


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