Metro Will Raise Fares in 2014, Postpones Decision for 2017, 2020

The Metro Board of Directors voted in increase one-way bus and rail fares in September from $1.50 to $1.75, day passes from $5 to $7, and monthly passes from $75 to $100. This is to offset an expected $36 million gap in the agency's 2016 operating budget.

Metro's fares have remained among the lowest of big-city transit agencies because it heavily subsidizes fares: Metro's farebox recovery rate is 26%, and there is concern that unless that ratio is increased to 33% it could jeopardize the agency's chances of receiving future federal grants.

This is Metro's fourth fare increase since 1993; the most recent was in 2010. Fares for seniors and the disabled have not increased since 2007.

Read more in the LA Times.


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