Today on The Source Steve Hymon posts the results of a ridership study showing that it is higher on rail lines than it was on the buses that previously served the same corridors. But even more interesting to us is a recent comment by Metro CEO Art Leahy that ridership at LA Metro is catching up with and will soon surpass BART ridership in the Bay Area.

BART, considered by many as the gold standard for a successful rail system, is really a commuter rail line that travels out into the suburbs but that also operates at the frequency of urban rail, and provides service at all hours. The BART system is 103 miles with 44 stations compared to Metrorail’s 88 miles and 86 stations. In June BART had 375,689 average weekday boardings while Metrorail had 362,904.

Read more about Metro’s ridership study on the Source.

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