Move LA Honors Our Great Train Legacy Transportation Heroes!


At our 7th Annual Transportation Conversation we honored Zev Yaroslavsky, Art Leahy, Richard Katz, Pam O'Connor, Bonnie Lowenthal and Antonio Villaraigosa — all of them stars!

The Great Train Legacy drama about the Cool Hand Gang who saw the transit future, starring Zev Yaroslavsky as the straight-talking son of emigres who joined the transit coalition, Art Leahy as the streetcar conductor turned rail boss who came west chasing bold endeavors, Richard Katz as the two-fisted wheeler-dealer who lured the high rollers to the table, Pam O'Connor as the small town mayor who traveled far and wide to get the train rolling, Bonnie Lowenthal as the local sharp-shooting who survived the gunfight at the Capitol Corral, and special guest star Antonio Villaraigosa as the ringmaster who brought the gang to the show!

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