Look Who's Supporting SB 767 To Put Measure R2 On The Ballot


California Senate President Pro Tem Kevin De Leon (D-Los Angeles) is the author of SB 767, which if passed will authorize LA Metro to put a new half-cent sales tax measure on the 2016 ballot to fund transportation improvements in LA County. These are the organizations who have signed on to a letter of support from Move LA to the Legislature.

We applaud Senator De Leon's use of broad language that leaves planning decisions about which projects and programs to fund up to LA Metro and stakeholders in LA County, and our support letter encourages the Legislature to respect local decision-making. We believe this broad language will also help energize involvement in and support for a transportation measure that will generate economic activity and job creation, and reduce GHG emissions and clean our air.

Given that LA County is home to more than a quarter of all residents in California, this infrastructure investment will create significant benefits for the state as a whole. It will also enable LA County to leverage local funding to get more support from the federal government and to be more competitive for funding from the state's Greenhouse Gas Reduction Fund. The signatures of those who signed on to this letter of support are listed below.

Jonathan Parfrey, Climate Resolve, Executive Director • Patricia Castallenos, LAANE • Damon Nagani, NRDC • Nolan Rollins, L.A. Urban League • Tamika Butler, L.A. County Bike Coalition • D. Malcolm Carson, Community Health Councils, Policy Director of Health • Deborah Murphy, Los Angeles Walks • Hilary Norton, FAST, Executive Director • Rusty Hicks, L.A. County Federation of Labor, Executive Secretary • Ron MillerL.A./Orange County Building and Construction Trades Council, Executive Secretary • Bob Wagonner, IUOE Local 12, President • Sergio Rascon, Laborers Local 300, Vice President • Kevin Norton, IBEW Local 11, Executive Director • James Lindsay, ATU Local 1277, President • Jim Hamlin, Jacobs • Gary Toebben, LA Area Chamber of Commerce, President and C.E.O. • Tracy Rafter, L.A. County Business Federation, CEO • Meghan Sahli-Wells, Mayor of Culver City • Fred Goldstein, LACMA, Senior Vice President • Mike Aparicio, SKANSKA • Jerry Givens, Parsons Brinkerhoff • Art Hadnett, Stantec • Mike Schnieder, HDR • John Warfal, Metropolitan Pacific Capital, Inc. • Emily Rusch, CALPIRG • Alan Greenlee, SCANPH, Executive Director • Dan Tempelis, Hatch Mott MacDonald, Vice President • Nate Zablen, Southern California Transit Advocates, President • James McCormick, Subway to the Sea Coalition • Michele Kinman, Environment California • Dan Silver, Endangered Habitats League, Executive Director • Omar Brownson, LA River Revitalization Corp., Executive Director • Devon Deming, ACT, Southern California President • Denny Schnider, Westchester Neighborhood Association • Lenore French, Green Communications Initiative, Founding Member • Neal Richman, Westside Center for Independent Living (WCIL) • Ron Anderson, Kal Krishnan Consultant Services • Marnie Primer, Transpo Group, Director of Strategic Development • Francisco Fernandez-Lafuente, SENER Engineering & Systems Inc., CEO • Don Emparkeris, DE Architects, Principal • Jose Valle, V&A Incorporated • Tom Shrout, Avvantt Partners • Ernest Camacho, Pacifica Services Inc., CEO • Miranda Patton, MNS Engineers • Jeremy Stutes
RailLA, Chair • Michael Liikala, Solutions International, CEO


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