LA Metro Boardmembers: Remember that Fortune Favors the Bold!!


While genuine democratic governance seems to have a fragile hold in our nation and our world today, LA County residents are on the verge of demonstrating the power of true democracy as we build a consensus coalition for $120 B in investments in what will bring about a transportation transformation in LA County.

LA Metro will make the decision in June about whether to put a half-cent sales tax measure on the ballot to make this transformative investment in a bigger and better public transportation system. Voters like you will make the final decision in November, and winning will require a 2/3 majority vote.

Metro board members are blessed to be leading this game-changing process for LA County. We want to remind them that "fortune favors the bold," and that they should be bold and improve their impressive draft program by:

  • Making additional investments in first-and-last-mile infrastructure to make it easier to walk and bike to transit stations;
  • Enhancing transit and paratransit services for seniors, people with disabilities, and students;
  • Investing in expanded service and connectivity for Metrolink, our regional commuter rail system;
  • Making a strategic commitment to end air pollution from diesel buses and trucks by investing in clean technologies;
  • Making communities whole by providing funding to mitigate the disruption of businesses and the displacement of residents.

But we do need your help to wage this campaign. Please consider making a donation to help us build consensus around the best use of our tax dollars between now and November.



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