Ha! The New York Post says we’ve found ourselves here in LA: “It’s difficult to pinpoint the precise moment when Los Angeles stopped giving a damn what you or we or anyone else had to say — it was a slow but important finding of self . . . .”), reads the September 25 article.

Whatever. But what impresses me are the next sentences: “[This was a] decade that saw the city grow in all sorts of exciting and impressive ways. A decade of building real transit. (For the first time in generations, you will soon be able to travel by rail between Downtown and Santa Monica; soon after expect a subway stop on Rodeo Drive in Beverly Hills.)”  Then in the next section: “To see what we mean, you have to start Downtown. It’s a generic umbrella term for a wildly diverse group of neighborhoods that comprise the city’s core . . ."


New York is recognizing Los Angeles because we have developed two of NYC's defining features — a real transit system and a real downtown?


I don't have a problem with that, because I have to admit I'm digging taking the Gold Line and DASH bus every day to the Move LA offices at Sixth and Spring in DTLA, on a street with Handsome coffee and two good places to enjoy it in what is an urbane, richly diverse and very bohemian neighborhood.

Downtown is hot. So is transit. The Post got that right. (Didn't you check out the Danish bus commercial posted here? You should!))

Note the blog post from the week before last on the Downtown News story that downtown has become a boomtown for developers again (and that they're finishing the $10 million renovation of the Siqueiros mural in El Pueblo). And don't forget to vote for Measure J, the sales tax extension on the November ballot that will ask voters to help build out Mayor Villaraigosa’s 30-10 transit plan. (Congress helped with its enhanced TIFIA low interest loan program, it just wasn’t enough.)

Los Angeles is offering residents the urban advantage. Transit is an essential part of the deal.

 Read the New York Post story here.

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