The New York Times writes that it appears to be a different kind of Carmageddon this year in Los Angeles (September 29 in case you somehow missed it), no panicked warnings of apocalypse, no exodus of frightened Angelenos, no signs of fear or frenzy. The problem, the Times says, is that “things went too smoothly last year. The warnings that congestion would lock up the city were not borne out because drivers – dutifully scared – stayed off the roads.” This time, preparing for a 53-hour closing this upcoming weekend, “Los Angeles officials find themselves in something of a Chicken Little situation, the victims of their own success.”

Some, however, question whether this year could be an even bigger deal because it’s in September, compared to last year’s Carmageddon in July when many residents are out of town. Moreover last year the highway opened 17 hours early when contractors beat their own deadline – but this year’s scope of work is greater.

Read the NYT on Los Angeles.


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