Proof that Fortune Favors the Bold!


In 2008 LA County voters knew that reducing traffic congestion, improving air quality, reducing greenhouse gas emissions, revving up our economy by putting thousands of people to work, and also reducing household transportation costs was a challenging agenda that could only be addressed by a bold program. Voters approved Measure R by 67.9%, in part because they saw a program bold enough to address the challenges. Metro learned an important lesson: Fortune favors the bold.

In 2016 Metro's draft measure for November is bolder. The new measure will fund new rail transit lines that can reduce the need to drive; improve bus operations, expand service and help keep fares affordable; fix freeway bottlenecks and keep roads and bridges safe; build more and better bike and pedestrian connections; and help improve air quality. If approved by voters the new ballot measure will generate more than $120 billion over 40 years for transportation investments. And yet it will increase taxes by less than 10 cents per day per resident.

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