Seriously Lots of Information About Transit in YOUR LA Area Neighborhood


This project by our longtime collaborator the Chicago-based Center for Neighborhood Technology and funded by the TransitCenter (a more recent partner) is a motherlode of information about transit in your neighborhood! Type in your zipcode and you can find out how many jobs are accessible via transit in your neighborhood, how many workers live within a half mile, transportation costs as a percentage of income, walkable neighborhoods within a half mile of transit, workers who commute by bike and live within half mile of transit, farmers markets within a half mile of transit, workers who commute by walking, transit equity . . .


And there's an AllTransit Performance Score, which combines data on connectivity, job access, frequency of service, and commuting habits—it's the most comprehensive assessment of transit quality at the local level ever available to the public.

“AllTransit offers tremendous potential to increase our understanding of the value that high-quality transit provides American communities, by visualizing transit’s impact on job access, economic development, urban mobility, and social equity outcomes,” said TransitCenter ED David Bragdon.

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