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United States Environmental Protection Agency
1200 Pennsylvania Avenue, N.W.
Washington, DC 20460

Dear Administration Pruitt,

We, the undersigned, oppose your effort to revoke California's ability to set fuel economy standards to improve gasoline mileage and reduce greenhouse gases from cars and SUVs.  Such a change would likely worsen Southern California’s worst-in-the-nation air pollution. 

This proposal is ill-advised, could set back decades of progress that has made our region healthier, and would be counter-productive because it will be ignored by vehicle manufacturers as car owners and users demand cleaner and more fuel-efficient vehicles.

California has led the way on creating the market for cleaner cars and trucks with programs like Carl Moyer, which fund clean truck technology, and the State’s car rebate programs. And in Los Angeles, we are working to reduce both greenhouse gases and air pollution from cars and trucks by investing in public transit, equitable housing near transit, and pedestrian and bicycle access.

Don't set us back by rolling back fuel economy standards to a dirtier past. We need to be increasing fuel economy and be doing it faster. Transportation is America’s biggest source of greenhouse gases that are causing global warming and toxic pollutants from trucks and other vehicles that sicken people throughout the region.

The sooner we can accelerate the deployment of zero and near-zero cars and trucks, the sooner we can clean our air and reduce greenhouse gas emissions in Southern California. Please reconsider your position to revoke California's ability to set fuel economy standards.

Yours truly,

Who's signing

Richard Conant
Sean Jones
Paula Chase
Branislav Hetzel
Matthew Blom
Rosa Bernasconi
Diane Kantor
Jeff Appel
Benjamin Kingston
Wenge Wong
Robert James Gray
Bridget Gordon
Erich Kring
Ken Kristensen
Karen Nelson
Denny Zane
Eli Lipmen
125 signatures

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  • Richard Conant
    signed 2018-04-29 19:42:37 -0700
  • Sean Jones
    signed 2018-04-29 19:41:56 -0700
  • Paula Chase
    signed 2018-04-29 19:38:47 -0700
  • Branislav Hetzel
    signed 2018-04-29 19:36:48 -0700
  • Matthew Blom
    signed 2018-04-29 19:36:31 -0700
  • Rosa Bernasconi
    signed 2018-04-29 19:31:25 -0700
  • Diane Kantor
    signed 2018-04-29 19:17:05 -0700
  • Jeff Appel
    signed 2018-04-29 19:15:51 -0700
  • Benjamin Kingston
    signed 2018-04-29 19:10:48 -0700
  • Robert Levine
    posted about this on Facebook 2018-04-29 19:04:47 -0700
    Merle Deborah Levine
  • Wenge Wong
    signed 2018-04-29 19:03:24 -0700
  • Robert James Gray
    signed 2018-04-29 18:50:34 -0700
  • Bridget Gordon
    signed 2018-04-29 18:50:10 -0700
  • Erich Kring
    signed 2018-04-29 18:50:02 -0700
  • Ken Kristensen
    signed 2018-04-29 18:47:58 -0700
  • Karen Nelson
    signed 2018-04-29 18:45:42 -0700
  • Denny Zane
    signed 2018-04-29 01:21:02 -0700
  • Eli Lipmen
    signed 2018-04-28 15:53:38 -0700

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