Streetsblog Interviews Move LA's Beth Steckler and Jeff Schaffer from Enterprise Community Partners

Why is affordable housing near transit important? Why not just build lots of housing and let the market decide? Move LA's Beth Steckler and Enterprise Community Partner's Jeff Schaffer answer these and other questions in an interview on Streetsblog about a relatively new collaboration among nonprofit organizations and funders called LA THRIVES, of which Move LA is a Steering Committee member. BTW the answer is: "It’s important to have affordable rents near stations because most transit riders are low income – three quarters with incomes below $25K. If we ignore this reality we risk two things: huge social disruption in 'hot markets' as people lose their homes and, pushing our riders away from the very transit they are using. . . Read the rest of the answer and the entire interview on Streetsblog. Visit the LA THRIVES "All in LA" blog for more on these issues.


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