T4America Tells You What You Need to Know About House and Senate Transportation Bills

Spoiler Alert: Things are no better than you would have expected. The House version of the bill, which is being debated on the floor, is more or less in line with the Senate version passed last summer. The real disappointments in the House bill are: 1) The TIFIA low-interest loan program--from which LA County has benefited, and which had been hailed as a major victory because it leverages local investment--would be slashed by 80%; 2) While preserving transit’s historic share of funding the bill lowers the federal share provided for transit projects to 50% of the total cost, compared to 80% for highway projects. 3) There’s a new freight program, but 90% of the funding is for highways. 4) The much-loved TIGER program—that provided funding for the Crenshaw Line and the Rail-to-River project, for example--was not made a permanent program in the bill, as was hoped.

Once the House passes a bill it will be conferenced with the Senate's version. T4America’s "10 things to know about the House transportation bill"; and "10 things to know about the Senate’s Drive Act".


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