Thank You Voters: We Really Did Win!


The final count for Measure H to end homelessness in LA County is completed. Measure H captured 69.24% of the vote (more than the 66.7% supermajority required) and will help end homelessness for 45,000 children, foster youth, seniors, battered women, people with disabilities, veterans, and other homeless adults currently living on the streets—and prevent homelessness for 30,000 more.

We want to thank you for voting yes on Measure H and showing the world that in LA County we are not afraid of tackling the seemingly unsolvable problem of homelessness—because we recognize that everyone deserves a place to call home!

Measure H will provide $355 million/year for 10 years for an array of services proven to help people get off —and stay off — the streets. These include physical and mental health care, substance abuse counseling, job training, short-term rental subsidies, more affordable housing, expanded outreach, and improved case management.

With this election LA County has become the first community in the nation to vote to end homelessness. We have shown that we stand for something larger than ourselves!

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