The Future of Transportation in Los Angeles? We can see clearly now!


The League of Women Voters asked us that question, so we put together this Powerpoint (HERE) to show members of the League what we see in our crystal ball: We will have ended air pollution and abated climate change in Southern California—seriously, it would only take one 4-county ballot measure (we have a plan!). And we will have created a system of Grand Boulevards on what are now underutilized commercial corridors, with frequent bus and bus rapid transit service, better sidewalks and bike lanes, and improved and safer bus stops with shade in the daytime and lighting at night (we are working on it). And we'll have replaced good, old-fashioned redevelopment with tax increment financing districts that provide the funding for mixed-use districts along these Grand Boulevards at bus stops and around rail stations—where people of all incomes can live, including those who ride transit most often! These so-called TOD-TIFs or "transit-oriented-development tax increment financing districts" will fund all kinds of improvements: affordable- and moderate-income housing, urban greening, first-last-mile connections and mobility hubs. If you don't believe it CLICK HERE to see what we have in mind!

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