The Taxi Fare Finder Integrates Taxis + Ridesharing


The Taxi Fare Finder and Ride Guru app helps locals and visitors who are looking for a ride find out how much it will cost to travel from one location to another by taxi or by rideshare in 2,000 cities around the world, and also posts news about the 2 competing industries. The results from this search, for the price of a ride on a Sunday morning from Move LA's downtown office to LAX is pretty interesting . . . was founded in 2007 to help those who were looking for a taxi find estimated costs of taxi rides in cities around the world. If you were traveling to New York City, for example, and wanted to know how much it would cost you to get from La Guardia to Williamsburg you would use the fare calculator and plug in your "to" and "from" locations, and it would calculate your estimated cost including factors such as tolls, traffic, tips, etc.

Marketing manager Lilly Kenyon says the company used to consider itself a "taxi authority" that kept visitors updated on the taxi industry, but since the ridesharing boom they've decided to also include rideshare companies. Curious to see how this competition evolves.

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