With 2 new rail lines opening last year and 3 more under construction now — 4 if you count the Expo extension to Santa Monica — LA really is on the verge of being transit-oriented, and efforts to accelerate construction (the "30-10 plan") are ongoing. This Measure-R-sales-tax-funded build-out of the transit system will reorient life in the city much in the same way as construction of the freeway system did a half century ago and will have a dramatic impact on transit-corridor neighborhoods. MAYBE IT'S TIME TO ORGANIZE a TOD (Transit-Oriented Development) University with your neighbors so you are in a well-informed position to negotiate changes in your neighborhood. More information on the TOD University's downloadable curriculum — a partnership of Move LA, Enterprise Community Partners, Reconnecting America, and Strategic Actions for a Just Economy (SAJE), with funding from HUD (the U.S. Department of Housing and Urban Development — is available HERE and the curriculum can be downloaded HERE.

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