Transportation Conversation #9: Talk with us!


It wasn't that long ago that we were celebrating the victories of Measure M — $140 billion to modernize our transportation system over 4 decades (and more into perpetuity) — and Measure H — to provide $3.5 billion over 10 years to end homelessness in LA County. Now Governor Brown and the Legislature have handed us another win, providing $5.2 billion/year in perpetuity to pay for the repair and maintenance of California's transportation system, including $34 billion for road repair, $7.5 billion for transit, and $1 billion for bike and pedestrian projects in the first 10 years.

In LA County alone that's likely to mean an additional $90 million/year for transit operations and $90 million/year for transit capital—which Metro could use to accelerate Measure M's rail and/or BRT projects. Add in the $860 million Measure M will provide annually and this represents very significant revenue to invest in transportation in LA County.

We are so powerful when we work together to achieve wins like these. Please register for our 9th Annual Transportation Conversation at Union Station and we can talk as a coalition about our next victory.

WHAT'S NEXT, LA? Should we watchdog implementation of Measure M? Work toward the development of affordable housing and ensuring there are anti-displacement strategies in place near transit? Solve the problem of dirty diesel trucks and the health risks they cause, meantime reducing GHG emissions? How about all of the above?

What are your aspirations for LA County and for California? REGISTER HERE and let's talk about it!

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