U.S. House Rejects Amendment To Ban Federal Dollars From Being Used for Sidewalks, Bike Racks and Lighting At New Transit Stations

This just in from the Safe Routes to School National Partnership:

An amendment to prevent federal New Starts funding from being used to install sidewalks, bike racks, and lighting as part of new transit projects — essentially making it much more difficult to create safe, cost-effective and affordable ways for people to get to new lines and stations  — was narrowly defeated, 214 to 212, this week. Please thank your Congressmember!

The amendment was introduced by U.S. Rep. Tom Emmer, a Republican from Minnesota, late in the evening of June 9 when the House was considering the federal transportation appropriations bill. Rep. David Price, a Democrat from North Carolina, led the opposition, talking about how it would make walking and biking more dangerous, and take way local decision-making and planning authority over local transportation systems.

A total of 32 Republicans joined 182 Democrats to oppose the amendment. Safe Routes to School points out that this was the first time there has been a floor vote on bicycling and walking in many years, providing a better understanding about which Representaties are supportive and which need to better understand the issues.

This is why taking a few minutes to thank your Congressmember is important. Safe Routes makes it easy: Click this link.




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