Implementing Measures R and M: Unfinished Business

We must and will stay involved in the implementation of Measures R and M to make sure that promises made are promises kept, and to support the leaders and coalition partners who took an active role in the development and passage of these measures. A priority for us is to expand transit ridership with the goal of reducing traffic and expanding access to opportunity for those who need it the most. We are working toward creating a universal student transit pass program to "grow" transit riders and make it easier and more affordable for students to get to school and to jobs. We are also advocating for expanded transit access and mobility services including microtransit for seniors and people with disabilities.

Our other most important priority is encouraging community development near transit. There is a reciprocal relationship between the success of transit and the existence of healthy community development around stops and stations for people of all ages and incomes, including the low-income households who use transit the most. We will work toward this goal by advocating for the construction of more affordable housing and the adoption of anti-displacement strategies in neighborhoods around stations and especially along “Grand Boulevards”—high-volume transit corridors, many of which will be served by bus rapid transit (BRT).

Growing Transit Ridership with "Any Line, Any Time" Transit Passes: Our work with students
An Aging and Disability Network: Our work with seniors and people with disabilities
Housing + Transit: Finding a more robust local revenue source for affordable housing
Grand Boulevards

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