Dump diesel to improve air quality. Conquer climate change. Clean up goods movement. Improve Metrolink. These are all inter-related challenges, and we must come together as a region in a cooperative effort to fix them.

We can do this! We did it before in LA County with big, broad coalitions that won county-wide campaigns for Measures R and M for transit with a more than two-thirds of the vote, and Measure H for housing and services for people who are homeless.

Voters in San Bernardino, Riverside and Orange counties have also previously approved sales tax measures for transportation—San Bernardino County voters did so by almost 80%!

It's all about building a coalition that can reach a "grand bargain" on priorities for a regional measure to do these things, and then convincing the Legislature to allow us to put a measure like that on the November 2020 ballot.

We're calling this campaign Vision 2020, and we've begun working on it.

The My LA2050 Activation Challenge would help fund this work. PLEASE VOTE FOR OUR VISION 2020 PROPOSAL and we could win $200,000 to help us move Vision 2020 forward. VOTE HERE: movela.org/myLA2050

This is the time for bold action. Progress on air pollution is slowing—and perhaps reversing—as VMT (vehicle miles traveled) increases. Climate change is becoming more and more threatening. The regional goods movement system is mired in traffic congestion and causing alarm in communities along the freeways that are full of diesel trucks. Metrolink could be improved with and made better, faster and cleaner, with more frequent service and extended to regional airports like Ontario.

The goods movement industry is Southern California's biggest economic engine—diesel trucks coming from the ports carry 40% of all cargo entering the U.S. But 80% of SoCal's NOx emissions are caused by diesel trucks and off-road vehicles including those at the ports. And 50% of our greenhouse gas emissions come from the transportation sector.

Fortune favors the bold. Let's:

  • Step 1: Create a grand, region-wide coalition—Move SoCal?—a grand coalition to coordinate a winning regional campaign.
  • Step 2: Convince the State Legislature and the new governor to allow the South Coast Air Quality Management District to putsuch a measure on the ballot in November 2020?
  • Step 3: Campaign to win!

Fortune favors the bold! Vote for us and let's do it together! There's more information on our proposal HERE.

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