Voters Nationwide Continue to Support Transit at the Polls

Congress has shown a decided lack of interest in raising or indexing the federal gas tax to pay for a federal transportation bill that now gets 30% of its funding from sources other than the gas-tax-funded Highway Trust Fund, which has been on the verge of insolvency every year. Meanwhile, voters across the country considered 16 ballot measures for transit, passing 11 of them, and another 2 are too close to call. Read more in these good stories on the Transportation For America blog and the Center for Transportation Excellence blog. One of the most notable victories, reports T4America, was in Seattle, where voters approved the extension of a property tax levy to fund 7 new bus rapid transit (BRT) corridors, three new light rail access points, 150 miles of new sidewalks, at least 16 bridge seismic retrofits, and the repaving of 180 miles of arterial streets. 

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