What People With Disabilities + Seniors Want To See In Metro's Long Range Transportation Plan


The growing number of seniors in LA County have very similar needs to people with disabilies: In LA County, for example, about a third of those aged 60 or more have at least one disability and may be using canes, walkers and wheelchairs because they have become less physically, cognitively or mentally robust and their hearing, vision or balance may be impaired. Many rely on Access paratransit services, but could use fixed route public transportation if it was more affordable, accessible and reliable. Move LA has been meeting with 150 disability advocates to generate a list priority issues, policies and processes and we have written a letter to LA Metro signed by all the organizations above.  Below are 4 objectives that we and advocates believe would result in a more effective use of transportation system resources.

  • Regarding Access and other specialized paratransit services, we need:
    • more vehicles and more and better-trained drivers 
    • to make it easier to transfer between these services and public transit
    • volunteer driver programs to allow more transportation options
    • more coordination and resource sharing among human services organizations
  • Regarding accessibility on fixed-route transit, we need:
    • to keep fares low and subsidize transit for lower-income people
    • improve and expand first-last-mile options such as wheelchair-accessible shuttles, taxis, etc.
    • ensure accessibility to public transit by installing curb cuts, repairing sidewalks and keeping streets free of obstacles
    • install seating, 3-sided shelters, elevators to platforms and clean restrooms at rail stations and bus stops
    • make it easy to transfer among modes
    • more accessible real-time arrival and departure info
  • Regarding safety and security, we need
    • more trained and visible security staff
    • increased safety precautions during rail construction and road repair
    • increased awareness about safety in shared space such as bike lanes
  • Regarding education, we need:
    • improved outreach and education about transportation to seniors and the disabled and awareness of their needs
    • better transit employee training about the needs of seniors and the disabled
    • increased education about Metro's "On the Move Riders Club" to senior centers




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